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Services and Booking Provided

There is a base fee for each performance. The location, date, and any other add-ons to show all affect the final cost. To get a quote for a performance, choose a performance and make an online reservation with us. We'll respond promptly! 


This includes Two Lions with our Music Team. Fantastic for all kinds of gatherings and audiences, big or small—a true crowd-pleaser!


A lion act in the "Drunken Style" with a wine jug prop. An enjoyable tale suitable for any situation.


Finding its meal, or the "Chang " in lion dance, is the lion's primary goal. The lion will approach the Chang by sitting on the benches, which stand in for a bridge. The regimen is an example of "overcoming obstacles."

THunderous drum show

Lion dance drum set performance. Great for drawing in a crowd or kicking off a program.


Includes a  7 - 9 person dragon with our Music Team. Great for the 2024 year being the year of the Dragon! 
Lion Dance-16.jpg

Get in Touch

No matter what the occasion may be, Southern Sea Dragon and Lion Dance Association can cater to meet your specific needs. We can't wait to hear from you.


P: (512) 850-4364

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